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house with a two car garage.
Custom Garage Organization & Storage

Coordinate All Your Garage Customizations

Optimized Product Selection

At Garage Remedy, our garage enhancement professionals know how to optimize your garage’s design so the flooring, shelving, and cabinetry all match. With our coordinated colors, we make that possible in the garage as well and make it easy for you to design.

The Design Process

We are the local garage organization and storage experts in Orange County. We recommend and carry a mix of exclusive products and the storage layout, choose colors and showcase it in a 3D visual quote, and install it in no time. Our design expertise has helped hundreds of homeowners with garage storage across Orange County and we are ready to help you.
Use of coordinated design in orange county garages

Products & Services

At Garage Remedy Storage & Flooring Solutions, we offer a full range of products for complete garage storage in Orange County.
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